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Richard Hollingshead opens New Jersey's 1st Drive-in (remembered as the 1st Drive-in to open in America) in Camden, New Jersey, on Tuesday, June 6th, 1933.


Wilson Shankweiler opens Pennsylvania's 1st Drive-in, which is only the 2nd Drive-in to open in America, in Orefield, Pennsylvania, on April 15th, 1934 (within 25 years, more than 4,000 will follow).

Speaker poles and Car Speakers are installed at Shankweiler's Drive-in.

Huricane Diane levels the projection booth and Shadow Box Screen. New CinemaScope Screen and Snack Bar / Projection Room / Restroom building built.

AM radio micro-vicinity broadcasting is introduced at Shankweiler's to deliver the movies' soundtrack (although the traditional car speakers still remain).

FM radio micro-vicinity broadcasting is introduced at Shankweiler's (Shankweiler's becomes the 1st Drive-in to feature audio in FM broadcast Stereo).

The latest in cinema sound reproduction was achieved with the installation of Red L.E.D Spectral © recorded analog soundtrack readers and cinema sound processor, with decoding circuitry capable of providing surround sound effects, and a new and more powerful FM stereo transmitter. This new and technologically advanced system provides the customer with near digital quality sound which can be received and enjoyed on your car or portable radio.

Digital projection and sound equipment installed.

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