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Please note: prices are subject to change.

Ice Cold Beverages Coca-Cola
Diet Coke
Cherry Coke
Barq's Root Beer
Fruit Punch
Iced Tea
Small $2.15
Medium $2.95
Large $3.65

Dasani Bottled Water   $1.50

Hot Beverages Keurig, Green Mountain Coffee
Hot Chocolate

Milk White

Hot Snacks
Dietz & Watson Hot Dogs
Chili or Kraut Dogs

1/4 lb Hamburgers
1/4 lb Cheeseburgers

Turkey Bar-B-Que
Pork Bar-B-Que
Beef Bar-B-Que

Fresh Popped Popcorn with or without
Real Keller's Butter

Small $3.25
Medium $4.75
Large $5.75
Jumbo $6.50

Nachos / Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Add Salsa


J & J Soft Pretzels   $1.25

Funnel Cake   $2.00

Candy & Snacks
Kids Snack Pack Kid's Size Beverage Choice
Small Candy Choice

Ice Cream Orange Cream Bar
Fudge Bar
Ice Cream Sandwich
Nutty Buddy
Vanilla Dixie Cup
Chocolate Dixie Cup
Vanilla Chipwich

Polish Water Ice

Blue Raspberry
Cotton Candy


Herr's Snacks Ripple Potato Chips
Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips
Cheese Curls

Cotton Candy Mixed
Blue Raspberry
Pink Vanilla

Candy Kit Kat, Snickers, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, Skittles

Raisinettes, Goobers, Dots, Cookie Dough Bites, M&M Plain, M&M Peanut, Hershey Milk Chocolate, Hershey Milk Chocolate/Almonds, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Buncha Crunch, Reese's Pieces, Strawberry Twizzlers, Mike & Ike



We make every effort to ensure an enjoyable and memorable entertainment experience in a clean, safe and inviting family atmosphere at the most reasonable of prices.

However, your cooperation is needed for the benefit of all of our patrons.

Please see our general policies and answers to any questions you may have on our Q&A Page.

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